About the GROW DUO

Can I use GROW Duo in the city?

Absolutely! GROW Duo can be used in any urban or suburban outdoor environment, including rooftops, balconies, terraces and backyards. The only requirement is a faucet or hose connection.

What comes with my GROW Duo order?

• 1 smart planter (26" x 14" x 16") that grows two plants side by side

• 2 GROW Kits (Salad Mix + Herb Mix) to get your garden going. You can also order additional vegetables through the marketplace in the GROW Duo app

• 1 bag of organic potting soil (2 cubic feet)

• 1 hose connector + water tube (10 feet) to connect to your outdoor faucet

• 2 AA batteries

Can I use GROW Duo indoors?

No, GROW Duo cannot be installed indoors. The planter needs to be outside in order to power the self-water feature with a constant hose connection and support the growth of larger sun-loving plants like beans and tomatoes. Also, because of its special root-supporting aerated design, the planter can occasionally drip.

Can I have more than 1 GROW Duo?

Yes! Up to 10 GROW Duos can be connected together while requiring only one water source. Even when linked, each planter will maintain its own independent water program, specific to the plants within it.  

How does it water itself?

The GROW Duo comes equipped with multiple sensors: one at the bottom which measures soil moisture and temperature and a few in the planter’s lip which track light and air temperature. We use environmental data points from these sensors as well as data on the specific needs of the plants growing in your GROW Duo to ensure your garden gets just the right amount of water at all times. Because we take real-time measurements of water levels and deliver only what’s necessary directly to your plants’ roots, we never underwater or waste water.

Is GROW Duo eco-friendly?

The GROW Duo is energy efficient and environmentally conscious by design. It is a great water-saving solution for gardeners looking for drought-friendly options. All of the gardening materials, from soil to seeds and nutrients, are organic and non-GMO. Also the GROW Duo requires very little power – just 2 AA batteries, which come included, keep the planter going for several growing seasons.

How long does it take to set up the GROW Duo?

Your GROW Duo can be ready for planting in under ten minutes. Set-up is just three easy steps: connect the planter to your water source, sync the planter with our GROW app, and then simply add your soil and seeds!

What is the GROW Duo made of? Is it safe for the environment?

The GROW Duo is made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic. All the plastics used in the planter meet the National Science Foundation’s requirements for food safety and are designed for durability to last season after season. This high quality material means that your GROW Duo will never warp or bevel.

Can I use it without a hose or faucet?

No, the GROW Duo must have a constant hose connection.

How can I connect the GROW Duo and still use my hose?

We recommend purchasing a hose splitter which allows you to power your GROW Duo and have a functional hose at the same time.

How long do the batteries last?

The GROW Duo can run on one pair of AA batteries for at least a year.

Do I need WiFi to use the GROW Duo?

No, the GROW Duo uses low-energy Bluetooth protocol to connect to our servers.

How much does a GROW DUO weigh?

An empty GROW Duo weighs about 9lbs.

What are the dimensions of the GROW Duo?

The GROW Duo is approx. 26in (L) x 13.8in (W) x 16in (H)

Can I keep my GROW Duo outside in the winter?

Yes, the GROW Duo is designed to withstand all weather conditions. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, the GROW app will let you know when we recommend disconnecting your water source from the planter.

Can I use GROW Duo in any climate?

Thanks to GROW's advanced environmental sensors and efficient watering system, you can grow in a wide variety of climates and our recommendations will help you identify what is best suited for even the most inhospitable of gardens.

Plant Kits

Can I grow my own seeds?

Yes, you can grow any seeds in the GROW Duo and we will implement a basic watering program. Currently our smart Growing Guidance is only available for plants provided by GROW.  

Where are your seeds and soil sourced from?

We work with a handpicked selection of partners to procure soil, seeds, and nutrients. Our fully organic growing medium was developed through extensive research and optimized for container growing and nutrient delivery.

How much can I grow in the GROW Duo?

The amount that a single GROW Duo can fit or yield varies depending on the types of plants you choose to grow. Typically a GROW Duo can accommodate two large plants, like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, or eggplant, and up to six smaller plants, such as herbs or leafy greens.

How many plants can I grow in a single GROW Duo?

The GROW Duo is designed to accommodate two Plant Kits. This means 2 large plants per unit or two seed-sheets. A single seed-sheet may hold up to 50 seeds and a “mix” seed-sheet contains several different varieties of plants.

Are your seeds, seedlings, soil and soil nutrients organic?

Yes! We work with a handpicked selection of partners to procure 100% organic soil, seeds, and soil nutrients.

Can I grow flowers?

Yes! GROW Duo will implement a basic watering program for your flowers. Currently our smart Growing Guidance is only available for seedsheets and seedlings provided by GROW.  

What comes in a Plant Kit?

A Plant Kit will include everything you need to grow for 1 side of your GROW Duo. This will be either a seedsheet or seedling plus whatever nutrients that plant requires. In the case of some seedsheets, nutrients are already directly in your sheet.

GROW app

What kinds of notifications will I get?

The GROW Duo’s companion app will let you know when you need to plant seeds or seedlings, prune, add soil nutrients, check for pests and/or disease, mulch, weed, add plant supports, harvest, and order new supplies.

Do I need an iOS mobile device to use the GROW Duo?

No, the GROW app is available on both iOS 10.3 and above and Android 5.0 and above.

Can I use GROW Duo without a smartphone or tablet?

No, the GROW Duo must be paired to a smartphone or tablet in order to sync with our PlantAI.

Will my GROW Duo work with more than one mobile device?

Yes, your GROW Duo can be synced with multiple mobile devices.

My Order, Shipping & Returns

Will the GROW Duo ship internationally?

Right now the GROW Duo ships ONLY to the continental US. We're working on making the GROW Duo available in more countries as soon as possible.

When will I receive my GROW Duo?

We will begin to send out GROW Duos in early 2018. You will receive a notification when your GROW Duo is ready to ship.

Where are you in the production process?

After many months of design, research and refinement, and extensive optimization for tooling and durability, the GROW Duo is currently being manufactured.

What is the return policy for GROW Duo?

You may ask for a full refund, no questions asked anytime up until the product ships and 30-days after it is received.

Does the GROW Duo have a warranty?

Grow comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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