Growing your vegetables at home has never been easier

The outdoor self-watering planter that makes it dirt simple

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Get growing in minutes

You'll receive everything you need in one box, delivered to your door. Assemble the planter with two snaps, fill with organic soil, connect to water, and pair with the GROW app with a click of a button. Easy!

Get guidance and reminders

The GROW Duo app gives you guidance on what to plant and how to take care of it. Shop personalized planting recommendations from the app's marketplace.

Fresh produce with little effort

With automatic watering and reminders sent your phone, you're guaranteed to be successful. This means more fresh, sustainable produce on the dinner table. 

Expand and grow more

GROW Duos can be joined together, which means you can easily expand your garden to grow a range of produce - from tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to kale, beans and much more! 

Grow 50lbs of tomatoes

With two cubic feet of growing space, GROW Duo allows you to grow hundreds of vegetable varieties and reap a significant harvest throughout the season.

A green thumb in your pocket

Our PlantAI™ makes you a better grower. We integrate environmental data to give you personalized recommendations on what to grow, when to plant and how to take care of it.