Simple set-up

Your very own sensor-powered learning garden is just ten minutes and a hose away


Connect your GROW Duo to a water supply and to your phone


Pick your plants. Shop our personalized recommendations of the plants best-suited for your location and season. (GROW Duo comes with starter seeds too.)


Get growing! Plant your seeds, using the helpful instructions in the app. GROW Duo ensures your plants stay optimally watered, healthy and thriving.

Become a natural with Grow

We’re with you at every stage of growth, teaching you how and when to prune, weed, or harvest. Our PlantAI guides you to gardening success, no green thumb required.

Microclimate of your yard (air temperature and light)
Planter conditions (soil moisture and temperature)
Historical weather data
Plant and variety profiles

When it’s almost time to harvest, GROW will recommend the best plants for you to grow next – helping you make the most of the growing season with seed suggestions based on the environmental data gathered from your unique planter. And you won’t be the only one learning: the more you use GROW, the better we’ll get, tailoring to your preferences and refining our plant recommendations to become your ultimate gardening guru.

What’s in the box

Hose Connector & Water Tube
Bag of Organic Potting Soil
2 Starter Seed Sheets
2 AA Batteries



Weight: 8.5lbs

Available on iOS App Store (iOS 10.3+) and Google Play (Android 5.0+)

Get growing now