Make food growing accessible and ubiquitous

This is the mission that powers GROW

We’ve lived first-hand the transformative power of spending time outdoors with friends and family, enjoying nature and healthy food. We wanted to make that experience universally available in a straightforward package that helps you succeed and reap the rewards of growing.

We pursue this mission not only through
product development and innovation but also by working closely with the charities, education organizations, and leaders of the food world committed to improving access to real food.

For co-founder Idan, it all began on his own roof in 2010 when he started growing a few tomatoes in buckets. This is where the idea for GROW blossomed: a simpler way to create and manage your garden, with supplies and support built into the experience.

A growing team

We are a team of experts in our fields with extensive experience building breakthrough products and services.

Idan Cohen
Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar
Matt Smith
Embedded Systems
Paul Vizzio
Mechanical Engineering
Zeneil Ambekar
Software Engineering
Max Kiss
Hardware Engineering
Liz Dellheim