Introducing the first intelligent planter

Food growing made dirt simple

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”The coolest part is the sensor and app integration.”
”Everything you need to jumpstart your gardening ambitions.”
“How to make your organic garden thrive (green thumb or not).”
”They even start work before you plant anything.”

It waters itself

Our smart irrigation system senses your plants’ conditions and gives them just the right amount of water, automatically

One-stop plant shop

Seeds, seedlings, soil, nutrients — we ship everything you need to get growing in minutes, directly to your door

Garden with guidance

From seed to harvest, we help you every step of the way with personalized advice, based on your unique garden profile

Set up your food garden in minutes, and reap the rewards for years

”I finally feel like I know how to succeed. I can make the most of my space.”

—Marisa, NY

Smarter watering

GROW Duo connects to a hose or faucet (adapter included) and waters your plants through discrete watering heads, using real-time data to release the right amount of water for every stage of development

Grows with you

GROW Duos can be joined together, allowing you to easily expand your garden. Up to ten planters can be linked through a single water connection, each maintaining a water program tailored to their specific plants

Sensor powered

Every GROW Duo is equipped with multiple sensors to constantly monitor weather and soil conditions and respond to your plants’ needs in real time. Support? You’ve got it in spades with GROW 

Easy to use

GROW Duo’s water adaptors install in one simple step. Syncing your planter to your phone is as easy as pushing a button. And all it takes to power your GROW Duo are two AA batteries (and they're included)

An expert gardener in your hand

Available on both Apple and Android Devices

Your gardening cheatsheet

Access a constantly updated overview of your garden with personalized advice and reminders to help you hack plant care.

Grow with confidence

Know what will succeed in your garden before you even start growing. Using PlantAI’s analysis of your environmental conditions, we determine which plants are best-suited for your unique garden.

Late bloomers welcome

We give you simple, easy to follow instructions for plant care so you learn to be a better grower every minute you spend outside.

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